YOUR CONSULTANT IS Brandelin Stanfill

My Story

Thank you for visiting my website..I LOVE MY JOB if you can even call it that !!  I came to love Scentsy after I located this amazing product at a PET EXPO.  I was hooked...Now I get to make peoples homes smell welcoming and plan great gifts for people.  Scentsy is a gift that keeps on giving....each time they turn it on...the wonderful scents that greet your family and friends at your door.  If you are here to shop for yourself or have questions about gifts for family or friends...simply call, text, email.  I am more than will and ready to answer or help out in any way that I can.  I am truly blessed to be a Survivor of Breast Cancer so a portion of my proceeds go to helping pay for treatment for fellow fighters of this awful illness.  If you have a charity or fundraiser....PLEASE LET ME KNOW...I would LOVE to help....Being GENEROUS is what WE at the SCENTSY FAMILY are ALL ABOUT !!!! I am always looking for great new Team Members who care to give back or find that financial freedom.  Set your own schedule....spend more TIME with your FAMILY....I consider everyday a GIFT.... Simply click JOIN or email or call me...I am always moments away.... I'm so glad to have Scentsy's SAFE alternative to wicked candles in almost every room of my home: no soot, no toxins, no flame - just a stronger, longer-lasting scent that melts in a beautiful warmer. By the way - don't be afraid of having a Scentsy party... it's probably not what you think. No long presentations, no sales pitch, no pressuring you... just a FUN night out. My parties are full of laughing, making new and celebrating old friendships, and finding some amazing scents that are just right for you!  <!--endbody-->